Graduate school gpa ?

I went to community college for two years and then went to a University connected with the community college to finish my BA.

For my associates, I didn't do very well but I did graduate and transfer.

My GPA was pretty bad (2.90). When I got into university, I did 10x better and ended up graduating with honors and my gpa is a 3.46.

I am currently applying to graduate school and I need an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for my specific program. All good news, considering my 3.46 gpa and all, except I am worried because my Associates from the community college is not a 3.0.

I did the math and calculated my grade points and credit hours from the two schools and if my math is correct, my cumulative gpa would be over a 3.0.

So my question is, would they combine both gpa's to get the new cumulative gpa, or would they see that I got a 2.90 in community college and completely ignore my 3.46 and not even bother combining my overall gpa?

I am getting really upset and scared now

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    Any community college classes that count toward your bachelor's degree will be included in your GPA.  Your final cumulative GPA, which is what graduate programs look at, includes courses from all institutions that have transferred in and that count toward your degree.  My own school breaks it down for students - transfer GPA, institutional GPA, cumulative GPA.  The cumulative GPA is what has to be reported.

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