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How to cancel your UI Benefits account if you don't qualify for Unemployment Benefits and have never received any funds from it? - CA?

Just as the title says because I currently work a part-time job and I filed for unemployment as soon as COVID-19 started making its way towards my city. 

I used to work 30-35 hrs/week but then my hours got reduced to 15 - 20hrs/week, so that's why I filed for unemployment. Since I work part-time I am assuming that is why I don't qualify and haven't received any funding.

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    Have you been filing your weekly claim?

    Working part-time could make you eligible for unemployment.  It depends on how much you were earning  before and how much you are earning now.

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      Your employer doesn't determine if you are eligible or not.  The EDD determines that.  The exception is if they received a payroll protection loan, you need to be paid your full wages for 8 weeks, thus, you wouldn't be eligible for unemployment. 

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