Is this aniexty symtoms or something worse? ?

Today like most days recently this comes and goes every few months, I've woke up today sore head on the top of my head feeling like **** basically I ate dinner still feel like **** I'm constantly tired and I feel sick at times I feel tired but I would like to nap for a hour but I can't sleep I also wake up with a frieght at times a don't know why I wake up panicking, I just feel I am in a daze today my eyes look half shut I can't seem to wake up until its like 1am I'm wide awake until 5 am. I also get hot flushes for hours feeling tired with them also, I can't stand living like this anymore it's got so worse now I've been like this for years but it's a million times worse than its ever been I do feel as if I have some sort of illness and scared that I might die😢


I also wake up once a week at least getting freights or struggling to get a breath. 

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