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1. What is the general connection between the poet and speaker? 2. What are the poetic devices used in lines 1-13?

Like bookends

my father at one side

my mother at the other

propping me up

5 but unable to read

what I feel.

Were they born with clothes on?

Born with rules on?

When we sit at the dinner table

10 we smooth our napkins into polite folds.

How was your day dear


And how was yours dear


And how was school

The same

Only once in a while

15 when we’re not trying so hard

when we’re not trying at all

our napkins suddenly whirl away

and we float up to the ceiling

where we sing and dance until it hurts from laughing

20 and then we float down

with our napkin parachutes

and once again spoon our soup

and pass the bread please.

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