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Which Version of this Outfit looks more Suitable for Daytime (trying to dress down a glittery dress)?

I'm a HUGE fan of the 80s and 90s and love layering, but I don't really like wearing t-shirts or sporty clothes as I'm mostly a dressed up person. I recently bought a light colored slip dress for Summer, but its has fine glittery threads, so I find it a bit tricky to dress it down. Originally wanted to wear the mesh tee underneath but I'm not sure.

Please, ot slut-shaming. Its for LEISURE wear, hanging out with friends and such. I don't have a "corporate"/religious lifestyle and I'm not a party type or the easy type who chase after guys (frankly i don't care about guys, and yes the dress is a bit short, but I wear shorts under them! But I'm not heading a I just like to dress down these type of pieces for daytime wear. I find much easier with skirts than dresses (like fluffy/chunky sweater with a sequin skirt).

This is the inspiration:

but I don't want to wear a plain tee. Which top could be a substitute?

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    I really like the sweater one, as well as the crochet T shirt. They’re both super cute! The collar shirt is my next favourite one, and it’s very on trend. The only one I wouldn’t go for is the mesh T shirt, as it’s too similar to the dress. That’s just my opinion though, to be fair they all look great! 

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    There is no way to drop the beauty of that dress on you.  Your best bet is a light sweater over it.  As for the outfits.  The pocketbook and the boots go together very well with that outfit.  For the top, I prefer the collar vs the U neck.  The color top to the right does not work for me.  Its too close in color from this picture.  If I was to add things, I would change the boots for something more summery, and a different pocketbook to change up the days.  The current boots and pocketbook are for a great night out.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Collar shirt.............

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