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What should I think of my husbands sleep talking? ?

This is hard to explain but he tends to have these same dreams again and again. In one I can hear him ask "are you OK? They'll be here soon, just stay awake, I'm here with you", "it's OK, it's OK, everythings going to be OK Amy", "get her out first she needs help, get her out first, please no", just random stuff like that but he starts screaming no and from what I gather it's as though he's describing a car accident and she dies while they're being rescued, however he has no recollection of the dream and claims he knows no girl called Amy and never had such an experience. None of his friends know of Amy or a car accident either. I let it go but when it's a reoccurring dream I'm starting to think he is hiding something from me.

He has another dream too where "get behind me" there's panic of some kind and he's clearly saying something that sounds like it's another language, it's like he's in the army or something "we'll take the right, you go in around the back" he says really weird things definitely in another language and I heard him say "it's me, they want me I'll go" I don't know whats going on here it's like he is in the army but calls random lines of a language out and then goes on a suicide mission, again he has no recollection of it and is equally as confused about it as I am, I showed him recordings and he just says it's really weird but it's just a dream and he can't control it. I feel bad for him but can't help feel suspicious that he is hiding something

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    "Breakthrough" is right on target with her interpretation, especially about the name of Aim.  The war issue in your last paragraph would opt for the use of guns, and war, etc.  Has he served in a war?  He may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He needs to be evaluated by a Medical Doctor if indeed he seems to have PTSD.   Keep the recordings you have made of him.  People can have PTSD and not have served in the armed forces you know.  Even in the first dream you described he is trying desperately to get out of a desperate situation.  These are both traumatic dreams.  If he is holding anything back, it is not that he is unfaithful, but rather that he is ill and he knows it. Please seek help. 

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    Amy might be a play on the word Aim and could mean he is feeling his goals have not be achieved - it might reflect parenting difficulties he has with his kids or it might mean he is struggling to forgive somebody or to tolerate an unpleasant person he has no option but to forgive 

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