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i'm skinny and i eat a lot, but still nothing changes what should i do? i want to gain some weight!! help me!?

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    So what does "eat a lot" mean to you? Without knowing what you eat (type of food/drink) and your total calorie intake daily, as well as your age, height, and weight, it's hard to make good suggestions for changes.

    You can use the calculator here to see what your calorie intake should be. If you're already at or above that level, you have a fast metabolism and may want to increase your calories (that doesn't mean eat more junk food). If you increase your calories, make them healthy calories.

    Here's a list of some calorie dense foods, that may help you gain (see source link):All natural peanut butter, almonds, cashews & other nuts

    Fruits, especially fruit juice & dried fruit

    Whole grains, pastas, rice & high calorie breakfast cereals

    Potatoes, yams

    Dips & spreads

    Beans & other legumes


    Dairy such as whole milk, cheese, yogurt

    Oily fish such as salmon, tuna or fish oil supplements

    Red meats

    Cooked vegetables/meats/etc in olive oil

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