Gods of gaming?

In doing some research for a planned short story I'm writing I came across something interesting, which in its absence is interesting in itself and I might use for the story, but I also want to know if I'm wrong and overlooked something. In all of mythology there doesn't appear to be any gods or goddesses who specifically lord of games or the act of gaming. The closest I can come to appear to be Loki, the Norse god of trickery, but are there any specific gods or goddesses in mythology whose domain is games?

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    Caïssa is an fictional (anachronistic) Thracian dryad portrayed as the goddess of chess. She was first mentioned during the Renaissance by Italian poet Hieronymus Vida.

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    Your best answer is wrong.  There is a god of gaming, and her name is Lady Luck.  Ask anyone who's ever been to Las Vegas.

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