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What do you think of the current wrestling scene? If you do not really watch wrestling Creakey then no answer is needed from you.?

WWE have the household names and the budget, but seem to be suffering locker room problems 

AEW are the young pretenders, going from strength to strength.

ROH, the Japanese and the Mexican scenes are consistently pushing out a good product.

Impact is faltering, to think it's glory days were when it was TNA, can you see Impact rising from the ashes?


And Creakey? No defending WWE just because it is WWE. We do not need the "opinion" of a Vince McMahon Yes Man.

Update 2:

Creakey, what is vague? I just asked what people opinions are of the wrestling scene at the moment.Try staying on topic and answer the question Creakey, without showing your mindless devotion to WWE that is.

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  • 4 months ago

    It's better than it was before, AEW is a newer company.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    It’s a lot better than what it was ten years ago. 

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