Will this help with tongues of the dead after fornication and acquisition of land entering institutions ?

(So for people build up castles and live in Israel not ‘IsReal')  - 'Den'Eye me.

As 'I am' an Atheist  - And

'I am' a Pole'Eye'Tie'Shone 

If Heaven or liberation already is:

19. "Moksha is not anything to be got afresh for it is already there only to be realised.

18. "Moksha (liberation) is not to be sought in heavens or on earth or in the nether regions. It is synonymous with Self-Realisation.



64. "There can be no images in the absence of a mirror, for the images are not apart from the mirror.

83. "Just as the magician's tricks delude the audience alone and not himself, so also the veiling of Maya affects the creatures and not the creator; when the individuals held in the meshes of Maya, see diversity and also discuss Maya.

"Moreover pursue the analogy of a tarred mirror. The tar may prevent the images from being seen, but the quality of the mirror is not affected, for the outer coating of tar must be reflected in the interior of the mirror. 56-63 Tripura Rahasya

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