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Haven't ate in three days and don't feel hungry at all.?

For three days I haven't been hungry at all and my stomach is bloated and rumbling. I was thinking I could be sick because my ears are slightly itch, and I've had some diarrhea for a few days now. So, do you think I should eat something now even though I don't feel hungry and I still feel bloated or should I just wait until I actually feel hungry?

Information: I am 21 years old skinny male.

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    A bloated stomach that is rumbling usually means you have undigested food in your intestines. The process of digestion causes gas, which blows up your stomach like a balloon. That's why you're not hungry. You need to clear out the old food before putting in anything else. Take some stool softeners or laxatives. Just be sure you're near a bathroom when they kick in. After that, your appetite should return to normal. Meanwhile, drink lots of liquids.

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    You haven’t eaten.  Not “ate”.

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