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Keto diet Help?

I’m using carb manger to manage my protein, fat, and my net carbs.

I’m 6’0, weight 220 and im trying to get over 170-180.  

Based on my information input: I should consume

20g In Net Carbs

224g in Fat

180g In Protein 

Based on the app. I used many calculators and they all came close to around the same.

I start my diet on Monday, in which I’ve been planning. However once planning my meal from breakfast to lunch, I calculated around 15g in net to 20g in net carbs which is good, but for some reason I calculate less than the actual protein and fat I should consume, for example,

126g / 224g in fat

136g / 180g in protein.

Question is, is this not ideal? Should I consume close to the amount I should eat? Or is the amount I should be eating way over the point where I would gain weight ? i used up olive oil, cooked eggs in bacon grease, avocado, almonds as snack, am I missing something here?

Please give me some tips; its tough not thinking about sweet carbs.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    224 grams of fat is 2,016 calories. 180 grams of protein is 720 calories. That's 2738 calories plus what you get from carbs. Nobody should be eating that much if they are trying to lose weight. 

    The first numbers you listed are what you should aim for. About 136 grams of protein and 126 grams of fat. Maybe a little more. Basically you want your calories to be about 500 less than what you need to maintain your weight. You can use a TDEE calculator to get a rough idea and go from there. 

  • Bryce
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Eat meat, fat, full fat dairy products, non-starchy vegetables, and eggs until you are no longer hungry.  Don't overeat.  Avoid eating carbohydrates, including the so-called "healthy whole grains."

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