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what are some of the highest paying jobs you can get on a cruise ship? ?

hello! I’m just curious what are some of the highest payed jobs you can get working on cruise ship and how would you go about getting these jobs? are there any you can definitely get within 2-4 years? any info helps! thx 

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    Cruise Director, Purser, Executive Chef, Captain - there a lot of well paying jobs on a cruise ship.

    The issue is that you will need to have plenty of experience and education outside of the cruise industry before you'd even be considered for these positions - expecting to work your way up in 2-4 years is not realistic

    The majority of open positions are ones that most westerners would not care for - 3-6 month contracts working 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week.  I supposed you could work your way up in those positions to a supervisor. 

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