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Which country is safe to travel Solo? ?

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    Iceland. It has a very low population and stable political system.

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    Most countries are pretty safe for the male solo traveller, while they may pose a problem for the female solo traveller. For the safest countries think Japan and South Korea. But most of Europe is good, as is Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada.

    A lot really depends on how you travel. Many women describe being harassed when staying in a small hotel in India or Malaysia when there are few other travellers there. In the Philippines, guys having their drinks spiked in dodgy bars and having their money stolen is not uncommon.

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    Russia. Since 1991, USSR, I have been in Russia every year, American, poorly speak Russian and NEVER had anyone try to "play the shell game" or any street "tricks". I have walked late nights for 5-10 minutes to over an hour. From Moscow east to Barnaul, north in Vologda to Ulyanovsk a bit to the south and many towns, cities and villages in between. Except for Dagestan, Chechnya and the Caucasus area (terrorism is almost nil, but I carefully say ALMOST). Come to Russia. Backpack, hike, walk, hitchhike, train, bus, whatever. No gunz on the street and real criminals with real gunz WON'T risk their illegal pistol for YOUR $600 and a credit card. THEY want to take 15-20 million rubles ($1/4 mil) from a bank or rival alcohol runner. YOUR pocket change is a waste of their time. 

    Source(s): Source: In every village to metropolis I have visited, I see children, many smaller than their violin case walking to music school ALONE, kids going to dance lessons, sports, parks, cafes, friend's houses, all alone. Grandmothers, probably carrying their pensions ($400-800 in their purse) and peacefully walking after dark in winter ,as sundown is 4:pm, 16.00 on our 24-hour time.
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    Portugal, spain, england, thailand, vietnam, scotland, usa, canada

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  • 9 months ago

    North Korea. no Covid19

  • 9 months ago

    Afghanistan hands down, safest country I've been to.(except the time when they kidnapped my wife)

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    I've been to many countries alone- sometimes on business, sometimes as a tourist. I've never had a problem in any of them- including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, England, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil.  Almost everywhere in the world is safer than most places in the U.S. 

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    New Zealand.





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    Currently? None (while some like NZ have the virus under control, for obvious reasons they're not letting tourists in; and the flight etc would be a risk)

    Normally? Many, with the usual caveats of being responsible (as you would in your own country).

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    Germany is safe to travel solo.

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