Coworker making me uncomfortable at work?

I'm a waitress and another server, let's call him Jo, keeps making me incredibly uncomfortable at work. 

He's come up behind me while I'm standing at the cash register and touched my back more than once. (There's PLENTY of other places to stand) Like, placing both hands flat on my back and holding them there for too long. Right after his girlfriend and baby came in to visit him, I was talking about cookies I was going to bake for my boyfriend for valentines day and he says "I don't have a valentine, could you make me cookies too?" 

My boyfriend caught him standing beside my car in the dark after my shift multiple times. I park on the opposite side of the building from the doors so I have to walk around a dark corner and there's a dark fenced in dumpster area nearby. When my boyfriend pulled up next to my car to wait for me to come outside, Jo abruptly left. Since then my boyfriend has always come to my work to make sure I get to my car okay. 

We've just reopened since quarantine for takeout only, so most of my time will be spent sitting in a booth with a phone and a notepad and nothing else to do except answer calls. I really don't like the fact that I might be stuck with him, bored, for four hours and neither does my boyfriend. However, my friend (also a waitress there) thinks that I could get in trouble for refusing to work with him because Jo and my boss are fairly good friends. How do I go about asking to be scheduled with someone else without being rude?

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    4 months ago
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    Talk to the Boss. He runs a business. He can't afford to have sexual harrassment case be an issue there and that is what you got.  If he is a true boss he will TERMINATE or have a good talking to - good bosses TERMINATE THOSE EMPLOYEES(even if they are friends) because sooner or later it will land on HIS DESK FOR NOT HAVING A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL EMPLOYEES.   He gets FINED, or has his license revoked.

    You don't worry about that. The boss knows exactly what happens to "the boss" and besides he(the boss) likes looking at you more than looking at Joe.  Believe me. The boss would rather keep the girls than that guy ANY DAY.

    Or, you could wait until the next time Joe does the back hand thing and turn around quickly and lift your knee up hard and knock his "Jewels to his throat".  He will fold over in half.  Step over his body and move on.  He will NEVER EVER TOUCH YOU AGAIN.  

    "What is he gonna say to the boss...I was feeling her up...without her permission...and that does not sound good for him)  I have been harassing the female employees...again it is not good for him.

    Your Boss knows "His responsibilities as a BOSS"   Or are you waiting to be raped?

    Friends are one thing but sexual harrassment is a legal issue and boss wants NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  He will drop his "friend".

    You remember Trump was friends with Epstein.Epstein went to jail and now is dead. Trump & Epstein associating with young females is not ever brought up anymore.

    You won't lose your job.  That is a whole different ball of wax the boss does not want to happen & you can make it happen if you are fired UNFAIRLY.  It will look bad for the boss.   Again, you know you are in the he is wrong. He knows that too.

  • Eva
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    5 months ago

    Stop being so passive. When he puts his hands on you, tell him loudly to stop touching you. It's unlikely that he is going to be working at the same time as you during the quarantine. If your boyfriend isn't there, you can always ask someone else (preferably your boss so he/she can see what's going on) to walk you to your car. By staying silent, you are condoning his behavior. You have to make it clear to him that's it's not acceptable. If it continues you must report it to your boss and make sure you document it. Sexual harassment is illegal.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    maybe you should report him to your boss

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    He is a POS but the first thing you need to do is make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to him that he is never to touch you.  All touching is not sexual harassment and this is not its more like just a POS guy that you should have told off the first time in no uncertain terms.

    You do not deserve "comfortlness" but you do deserve nobody touching you if it makes you uncomfortable.  So tell him to stop, And if he does not, tell the general manager. He will tell the guy to stop.  The behavior will stop but if you can't get over what happened in the past, thats on you.  But, your manager may be able to work you on different shifts some. When i ran a pizza hut, everyone except one person worked friday & saturday nights. So you'd both have to work then.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Consult a lawyer.  This is sexual harassment.  The fact that you're afraid to report him because he's friends with your boss exacerbates the problem.  If possible, speak with the owner or corporate HR.  If this isn't an option, see a lawyer.  You do potentially have a case here.

  • 5 months ago

    He’s probably trying to be nice. Your just one of those chicks who think everyone is hitting on them.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Have you told him you don't want to be touched and he makes you feel uncomfortable?  if not, do it.  If he does it again, tell him the next time you report him to the supervisor for harassment and then do it.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I think anyone who posts about being "uncomfortable," about "sexual harassment" concerning everyone she meets has issues.

    Let's see - a fellow high school student, a co-worker, relatives ...

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