Concerned About My Heartbeat?

In 2017 I started to feel heartbeat sensations in my legs like a heartbeat around my foot, legs, calf. I used to get it in my head when I was sick recently it's been in my eye, my ear, my fingers, and perhaps my arms. Sometimes I feel it and it sounds like it's hitting my bed and it makes a hitting wood sound. It sometimes feels like it's skipping beats but I can't tell for sure. I also have panhypopituitarism, type 1 diabetes, GAD, and harming OCD. I do not know if this would be related. Lately, I have been having this one time thump in my calf, thigh, and buttcheeks. Sometimes it will do five quick thumps and leave. The left side of my neck's pulse used to move on its own and it was more prominent. I also have a lip twitch that I wonder if it is related. Does anyone know what this is?


My heartbeat and blood pressure always seem to be fine when the doctors check it. 

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