Pain in shoulder 10 months after car accident?

About 10 months ago I got into a car accident. I was fairly new to driving on my own and on a foggy morning I t-boned another car while they were going about 45 mph and I was going about 10. I'll admit I was stupid and I've learned from my mistakes. However when I collided with the other car I had my head turned to the right because I had just seen them come over the hill and didn't even have time to react at all before I slammed into the side of them, totaling my car and setting off the airbags. My seatbelt locked and I strained my left shoulder by jolting myself so much and on top of that my head was turned, straining it even more. The pain comes in sharp bursts just above my shoulder blade. Moving my arm and turning my head makes it worse, but not unbearable.

I'm a lefthand shooter so whenever I go out shooting my shoulder starts throbbing at my smallest movements or even when I'm just breathing. Last night I slept in the basement on the floor for a "movie night" and today my shoulder is throbbing again. The doctor said I should heal quickly and have no lasting effects because I was so young but I still find it hurting sometimes like the accident was only yesterday. 

Do you know why it could still be hurting? Is there something underlying that I screwed up in the car accident without noticing? Are there any other precautions I can take to prevent it hurting again in the future? 

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  • 7 months ago
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    Sorry to hear about the injury! If it is still hurting this much after 10 months, I would suggest you go see an orthopedist. They are the bone and joint specialists, and will be able to provide the most help.

    Good luck!

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