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Emotionally Not Okay?

(Will continue in comments if out of space please read and reply at your own risk) I am a 20-year-old who lived in her own apartment for seven months. What I hear is my doctor praising me for doing better than I thought but my A1C had gone up a little. What I remember is that the Dexcom G5 they told me to use to trust was not right. What I remember is that I did a few doses wrong. What I do remember is my doctor saying if I know I was going to eat something a bit extra I could add extra dose but not too much. What did happen is that maybe I misplaced my pill-box for that day and went to my pill-bottle. What did happen is that I got a low, treated it, and ended up in the hospital due to low cortisol. For some reason, the doctors said it was either due to too much insulin or too little cortisol. For some reason, my doctor loves to say that I had been missing my pills when I physically remember getting up and taking them. I know she's wrong. I know all those constant highs from the Dexcom G5 that they had told me to use wasn't right. One of the examples I have is it was telling me I had a low and my regular meter told me I was 149. All I remember is that I heard faintly they can't send me someone to make sure I'm alive because I was technically independent.  What I remember is a hard time hitting my family. My job through my program being against disabled people as I am and being extremely angry. What I remember is all of a sudden I am being forced to move out. To pack up. 

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    Your Dexcom G5 has to do with an insulin pump and from what I can glean from your post, you must be a diabetic who ended up in the hospital with an insulin reaction.  Is this right?

    This could account for the fact that you seem to be a little rambling and confused right now.

    But someone is expecting you to pack up and move out of your own place?  Why?  And who is forcing you to do this?

    You have a right to be independent and you have a right to live independently as you please.  You also have a right to be well medically managed.  And so I believe that BEFORE you move out, that you talk to your regular medical doctor about this.  What does your doctor recommend for you?

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