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Philosophical though: Do we as Americans have a issue of Desire vs Deserving?

Many people in this country, from all social classes, want many things. However, a lot of things are based on desire and not deserving in my opinion. Wanting is not the same thing as deserving. We want a Government that cater to our individual needs, but we actually deserve a Government who cater to everyone needs in their Democratic Republic. Also we seem to want our cake and eat it too. We want laws and social changes without consequences. Just look at far Left and Right ideas/desires. Thoughts?

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    What one wants isn't necessarily what one deserves. I think most, if not all, people (American or otherwise) want things that they don't deserve; I wouldn't fault anyone for that. Feeling entitled to things that are undeserved, or taking them, at the expense of others who are more deserving, is a different story. I think people deserve what they work to produce, and what they willingly trade for their services or goods, and they generally deserve to be treated in a manner similar to how they treat others. Unfortunately, what one deserves doesn't always determine what one gets.

    Personally, I don't want a government that caters to only my needs. I want much smaller, less intrusive, less centralized governments (or perhaps, organizations rather than governments) that help people, when they need help, to accomplish for themselves all the things they need. There's a lot more to it, of course; governing is a complex problem. It's all screwed up now. It serves corporations. The only reason it does anything for us peons is so that we can be controlled. I want a worldwide peaceful revolution, and a drastic reordering of society. 

    I'm not sure what you mean by, "We want laws and social changes without consequences. Just look at far Left and Right ideas/desires." I guess you are thinking about something like wanting to switch completely to renewable energy without giving up any of the benefits provided by the burning of fossil fuels.

    Personally, if pollution and warfare could be eliminated tomorrow, although the price would probably include my death and the destruction of many other things that are nice to have, I'd be willing to pay my part. The preservation of the natural world and the benefits to future generations seem worthwhile to me. I really don't think such drastic measures are the best option; I'm only trying to make a point, and the perpetual stalling, and scare tactics, disgust me. I think we should prepare for it, and do it over the next five years. However, not everyone will agree, and without cooperation, the desired results are impossible to achieve. I want the good people, regardless of race and nationality, to voluntarily unite in purpose for the benefit of us all.

  • "Deserve" is a subjective concept.  Therefore, any comment to that would be up for dispute of definition, not idea.  However, all humans do have a conflict between desire and "earning".  Humans frequently desire that which they did not, or could not, earn.  Unfortunately, life in first world countries is like giving someone a credit card and not telling them that they will still have to pay....later.

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    Yes I believe that you're on a right political track there.

     The rightist conservatives have an unplanned view that "to do away with

    big government" is the correct way to go.

    Yet time & again (coronavirus et al) we can clearly see that BIG SOCIETY

    REQUIRES "BIG GOVERNMENT" so to speak.

    So I believe that they -the conservatives who peddle such unplanned 

    verbosity- should think more before they engage their vocal chords.

    Similarly on the Left where the progressiveness of old (European original

    democracy) government & governance seems to be mired IN BLUNTED

    aims rather than good futuristic ones. For example IF they started to

    believe that the coming Environmental catastrophe could be solved then

    they might just start to realise some good future stuff BENEFICIAL to

    all. I refer to starting to see POPULATION AS A MAJOR STARTING 


    And so a free discussion about Implementing family sizes FOR THE

    Long term - "Small Families" if you like. For if this could be made 

    successful (like giving the two child families future access to full

    healthcare, Welfare and even Income tax Reductions for one of

    "the parents" which all-or-some would be cancelled if the small

    -family-agreement was to  be broken so to speak).


     Future wise this big change should alone help BOTH THE COUNTRY

    ENVIRONMENT as well as more.. where a GOOD EXAMPLE IS

    THEN GIVEN to the likes of china, India & others who desperately

    need their huge populations being reasonably & slowly brought

    down (all the while giving the example of benefits & more for these

    NEW SMALL FAMILIES & of course their local communities).

    All that requires at least SOME government plan, some good &

    reasonable government that can look beyond just the Short term

    future of their people.

    It will cost of course... but we should say "what price is peace"?

    and also "What price is a better world & a better Environment for all"?

    America leading the world in Helping their citizens Help Themselves..

    wouldn't that be something FN ? Wouldn't that be a tremendous

    new EXAMPLE for the REST OF THE WORLD TO Follow ?

    For we now live in a behavioural competitive world which has made

    our environment at least as competitively DANGEROUS as it was

    of old (specifically since Darwin's time).

    Down to our time of the Environment Emergency caused by all our

    ancestors et al...

    So it is becoming more & more obvious that we all should need to 

    be able NOT Just-to-be competitive but to understand what EXTRA

    Pressures THIS HAS BROUGHT upon & into our own lives...

    And like our Politician leaders we ourselves should ponder & think

    about the-type-of-future that we would have wished our parents &

    ancestors could have wished then made, FOR US,

    A better future for our community & for our country - whatever it takes

    to agree a better reasoned path to a better planned Environment.

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    Freedom heals far Left and Right schisms, which are typically special interests pitted against others

    Right desire is the Buddha's teaching.

    If someone is able to keep their own life orderly, calm, with beauty, that is doing much.

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    No one deserves anything, if one wants something. They have to figure out the path to get it and then work towards that goal. 

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    Move to Africa. Deserving achieved.

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