American's perspective ?

I am working in chat support.

To an American's perspective, is "it should be on my previous message, are you not able to receive it" and "it was just/only a recommendation for future references. It was not meant to answer your question. My apologies for the confusion" seem rude? 

Or do I really lack good positioning statements? 

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    3 months ago

    When people get through to a human being in support they have often spent quite a while trying to solve the problem themselves, locating support and being unhappy that their preferred method of contact is unavailable, often spent upwards of an hour navigating various sub-menus, and finally have been on hold.  By the time they reach you they are often short tempered and distracted.  That's not your fault but there's not much you can do about starting from a bad position.  You represent the product and they want to vent their frustration.  In that circumstance they are looking for offense and you can only do your best and remember that it's not really directed at you as an individual.

    Most people are not very tech savy.  You need to help them around the screen.  What does your chat window look like?  You need to describe it.  If they need to scroll down to see your previous message you need to tell them that.  If you want to impart advice for future reference be away that their focus is likely to be very linear. Think carefully about if you really need to give this advice bearing in mind that the person on the other side of the screen might not be able to distinguish between their browser and the internet and that they are likely to be short tempered and anxious to solve the immediate problem.  If you do decide that it's best to impart this extra information, maybe their rapport indicates a reasonable level of IT skills, you still  need to signal that you are deviating from solving their immediate problem before you advise them for the best reception.

    Good luck!

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  • 3 months ago

    You should perhaps think of pursuing a career path other than support. Hope this didn't seem rude.

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