Can you guys tell me what you think of my med school profile?

GPA 3.85 MCAT 510


-3 years volunteering at my schools food pantry

-residential advisor

-2 years if undergraduate research 

-presented a poster on my research

-80 hours of clinical volunteering

-latino heritage club

-three part time jobs

-learning a third language

-honors program at school

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    Your GPA is good. MCAT score is 1 point below average for those accepted (511 is average) so it should be fine as well. ECs look fairly good. I may suggest getting some shadowing experience as many schools don't see volunteering as enough to get a really good idea as to what life is like as a physician. If you are worried at all about acceptance you can also apply to Osteopathic schools as a backup as your stats are well above their averages. Keep working hard and apply broadly to many schools and you will likely get in somewhere.

  • 9 months ago

    Your MCAT score does not put you in the top 10%. That's an obstacle.

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