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Is this a good diet for bodybuilding and fat loss is there anything I should add?

Breakfast: eggs with salad and a piece of fruit 

Lunch: salmon or steak with veggies and a piece of fruit

Then protein shake 0 calories 

Dinner: tuna salad and a piece of fruit

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  • 12 months ago

    Diet seems fine, try and rotate your veggies so you cover your nutrient requirements, and maybe add some whole grains.

    Also, protein shakes will always contain calories (usually about 100), unless its a BCAA supplement

  • 12 months ago

    No that diet is NOT healthy. You're very possibly coming up short some of the

    essential micronutrients. What you listed tells me nothing. Learn what is or isn't in what you're eating. Modifiers are also important with how a food is served and eaten, as these can affect the nutritional values of what you eat. Some of the modifiers are, baked, broiled, canned, cooked (this includes steamed, dry or moist heat), dried, dry roasted, fried, raw and roasted. Here are two examples of the search I use.

    broccoli raw nutritional value

    broccoli cooked nutritional value

    Now I use as it has the most complete set of tables. With the labels on food packaging, all to many only cover a few basic nutritional points. The same applies to what you're going to find on most websites, you look at. Now while isn't perfect, it's the best I've found to date. There is still a good bit of information, that's missing, but it's complete enough, to give anyone a good start, to eating a more healthy diet.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    protein shakes have calories.  Whey protein has 4 Cal. per gram,  Even BCAAs or individual amino acids have calories similar to proteins, FDA just doesn't require listing them on the  nutrition facts label. 

    Your diet is probably only around 1000 calories depending on portion size.  You shouldn't need to go below 2000 if you are a bodybuilding male.  Add vegetables, grains and dairy.

  • k w
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    just so you know, everything was fine, except for the protein shake, 2 reasons, they're hard to digest, and they're an incomplete 3 certified nutritionist friends tell all their customers the same thing if asked.....

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