How do you describe good wine?

A wine that is subtly harmonious and pleasing. Neutral: Describes a wine without outstanding characteristics, good or bad. Robust: Describes a full-bodied, intense and vigorous wine; possibly inflated. Round: Describes a well-balanced wine in fruit, tannins and body.

What are your opinions?

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    8 months ago
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    No such thing, they all taste like crap but get better as you drink them. Apart from deep red wine, the really dark ones, worst ever dehydration and worst hangovers, worst depression, it's worse than any of the spirits actually. I think poncy wine tasters and collectors are weird, they have collections of foul tasting muck, with some of their collection being OK after you've had a few glasses of it.

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    8 months ago

    I usually just describe by saying something like, “I don't care for this.”, “This is okay.” or “This is really nice.”. 

    I'm commenting on it rather than describing. The person I'm with is sharing the wine and doesn't need me to describe it. 

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