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Why are healthcare premium policies biased in favor of women?

Under Obamacare, it’s illegal for health insurance companies to charge women higher premiums even though women receive more coverages and have notably higher claims. Yet when it comes to Medicare supplement policies, insurance, companies can and often do charge men higher premiums. Why this bias in favor of women?

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    Obama is a feminist and the ACA was passed by the party that is majority supported by women. Feminists demanded that the government "fix" the issue of women paying more for insurance, so Obama being the feminist he is gave them their way even if it is unfair to men since they use medical services less. The law also forces men to pay for the medical decisions of women in areas where men can never get anything in return for it. Why? Because men are nothing but pawns or people to get out of the way for democrats Hell, name an issue and there is just around a 100% chance that democrats have no respect for what men think on the issue. 

    The real problem with this country is that the government doesn't care what we think. This is shown very clearly when looking at how often the government sided with feminists and minority groups over men and the majority over the last 100 years. 

    This is also shown in areas like gun rights where once again democrats are violating the second amendment in Virginia against strong opposition that once again they show little ability to care exists beyond claiming it is threat even if the aggressors are democrats in office acting aggressively towards the rights of the people. They claim all their actions are done for safety even if it has been known for centuries that measures done for safety are often done in opposition to the rights of the innocent. 

    What this country needs is strong men willing to stand up to the government and lay it to rest by force, but with men getting weaker that day is looking far off. 

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    Women are statistically more likely to see a doctor regularly, to follow medical instructions and to catch potential problems earlier while they can still be reversed. This is why women tend to live longer than men. Turns out it's cheaper to treat the early stages of cancer than to wait until it's stage four and then expect medical science to save you. Men are also more likely to engage in dangerous activities that lead to trauma room involvement and these insurance charts are based on broad models. So yeah, other than the anomaly of pregnancy women cost less to insure.

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    1.  Younger women have more medical issues (sex and pregnancy related) than younger men.

    2.  Older men have more medical problems than older women, and die at earlier ages.

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