My pc!!?

My pc crashes while i was playing dota 2. All of the components except cpu and ram are few months old. I kept using my old cpu and ram which are i5 4460 3.2 ghz and 2x4gb kingston ddr3 1600mhz. My mobo is msi h81m-p33 my gpu is asrock rx 570 8gb phantom gaming psu is thermaltake lite 650w. I installed 2hdd and 2 ssd. My pc was running perfectly throughout these months.Today suddently my pc started to crash while playing dota 2. it crashes randomly. when i unplugged and turn my pc back on the system boots normally to desktop. the windows is windows 10 home premium 64 bits and all the drivers were updated to latest version. IDK what is causing this problem. I rebooted and here let the system stay at idle and it kept running without crashing for too long. I have not tested other games yet. but while playing dota  it crashed!! help!

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  • The problem is in the PSU. If your power supply is old it will slow down the current even there is enough voltage. Check also the thermal paste of the component it can be dry and the parts are dirty and the cooling system is poor.

  • 10 months ago

    Heat problem.  You have old CPU cooler still?  Full of dust?  How about the box fans--running fine?  Try an accessory fan blowing more air through.  That new video card might be too hot.  You can monitor temps with software.

    Source(s): I have an older i3 CPU on Gigabyte board in a 2009 Gateway box, new Gigabyte Windforce (2 fans on larger heatsink) GTX 1650, 8 GB RAM, and same PSU as yours, 3 HDDs, 2 SSDs, and an external 200 mm fan sucking air out through a grill on side. Seems to run very cool no matter what I do with it.
  • 10 months ago

    try deleting and reinstalling the game. might be that a critical file for the game has become corrunpted

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