How to show someone that you love him\her?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Show that you care.

    First off, if you've done some wrong in the past, don't apologize, as an apology won't get you anywhere. Apologies are only words that you think someone wants to hear, they rarely have any meaning or sincerity behind them. Because if you were truly apologetic you wouldn't have acted that way in the first place, where you would even need a reason to apologize.So how do you show someone that you care? It doesn't always have to be a materialistic gift because if you were iffy in the past, then people will automatically become suspecting and suspicious of you. They will automatically assume that you're just trying to smooth them over or get back in their good graces. So what other ways can you show that you care? Help them out in a huge way. Help relieve their stress, show that you actually care for their well-being. Nurture them make sure that they're alright. Show that you actually care. Do stuff that reminds you of when someone cared for you. What did they do for you? Now pay it forward and pay it to them. Some things are more meaningful when they don't necessarily have a monetary significance. But when you actually do something from the heart. That will show them that you actually care. Treat them with respect. And don't listen to other propaganda when people tell you that you're being a simp, do it anyway because you actually care for the person. Don't let your own pride prevent you from being kind to people. Just because you feel like you have to sacrifice yourself to do something nice for someone else, doesn't mean it isn't worth it. Is it up to you to decide if they deserve, don't you see how your own pride can intervene and stand in the way of doing something nice for someone. Don't let your pride be burdensome. Find a way to be nice because maybe they're worth the sacrifice. Do something nice for someone because you actually felt it in your heart to do something nice for someone. Don't do it to boast or to make yourself feel good. Don't do it to boost your own ego or toot your own horn. Do it because you actually care. And if you do actually care then this will all come 2nd nature because you won't have to think what to do. It will come intuitively because you actually care. And when you actually care people will notice the sincerity. But when you have to fake being nice to someone just to manipulate a situation or do something for your own hidden agenda people will see through that, and they'll be able to tell right away. So all in all, just do the right thing, if you actually care, then just care for them, you don't have to make a huge scene or bring a lot of attention that you're doing something for someone because then you're just doing it all for show. But if you really care for them, you would cater to their needs and you would make it meaningful for them. You wouldn't do it for your own selfish desires.

    People don't want to hear an apology to "prove that you've changed a new leaf'People would rather see the tangible evidence behind your actions that show you've changed a new leaf. And it doesn't have to fulfill materialistic wishes. If you just do stuff from the heart and do stuff thats meaningful then people will know that you've changed a new leaf. You wouldn't have to overdo it or prove yourself. You'd just show that you did through your actions. I mean your actions will show for itself.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    get them something they'll like and write Ily on it

  • 1 year ago

    Be honest and respect them, the good ones will recognize it.

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