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What do you think would've happened if only one of the WTC towers was struck on 9/11?

First let me say that my prayers and respects go out to all the victims, first responders, and the families of all who were impacted by this tragic event. As someone who is fascinated by US history, I have been thinking about this thought for a while; what would've happened if only one of the Twin Towers was struck on September 11th?  Would they have left the other tower standing? Would they have torn it down? And if they left it standing, what would they have done with it? Continue to use it for office space? Turn it into a memorial?  I've heard it argued both ways from other people I've asked and wondered what other people thought.

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    I doubt one tower would have survived the destruction of the other. They were too close together. The shock of impact and after-shocks through the earth would have carried between the two structures. The debris from the plane and the building it hit would have hit the second building. All that smoke and dust in the air through the ventilation system would have overcome many in the unhit building. It caused a blackout condition throughout lower Manhattan for hours, so the air was quite contaminated.

    The above is my uneducated guess. There's probably loads of information in books, newspapers and on the Internet.

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    half as many casualties

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    If the other tower had not been so severely damaged from the collapse of its neighbor that there was no choice but to tear it down, of course it would have remained. And of course it would have still been used for its intended purpose. Do you seriously think tens of millions of dollars would be thrown away by the company that owned the building, as what insurance companies would pay claims for undamaged property that is voluntarily destroyed? For some sense of sentimentalism?

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    "I have been thinking about this thought for a while"

    And what did your idle speculation achieve? What do you expect rational, sane responders to bring to your speculation?

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    speculate about all alternative history, why don't you. spend 80+ years doing that.

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