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punnet square help please??

In a subsequent experiment, the F1 progeny from the cross described in part (i) above were crossed with pure-breeding plants with smooth white petals, yielding four classes of F2 progeny as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1

Phenotype of F2 progeny Number of plants (%)

white, serrated 1849 (35.1%)

red, smooth 1838 (34.9%)

red, serrated 769 (14.6%)

white, smooth 811 (15.4%)

Total 5267

i.Four classes of F2 progeny are observed because recombination during meiosis has produced new combinations of the alleles in some of the gametes of the F1 plants. Which two of the phenotypes listed in the table have arisen as a result of meiotic recombination? Explain how you reached your answer.

ii.Calculate the recombination frequency between the two linked genes. Show all your working.

please can some one explain the answers to me?? I really don't understand!

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    Non-recombinant classes will ALWAYS predominate while recombinant offspring classes will be present in smaller numbers. So, white, serrated and red, smooth are the "parental" or non-recombinant offspring, while red, serrated and white, smooth are the recombinant offspring.

    Recombination frequency = number of recombinant offspring / total offspring

    RF = (769 + 811) / 5267 = 0.300

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