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phil asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 11 months ago

Asking any/all Republicans who supported Nixon...?

did you feel betrayed by him when his crimes came to light?

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  • 11 months ago

    Can't imagine anyone here  admitting to that.  Certainly not all the republicans nor their 20 sock puppets apiece. 

    I lived thru the Watergate hearings, and it was clear from the get go, he was guilty . 

    and then--- just like now, his main defense was  "It's all a Hoax!  Nothing to see here!  It's a Set-UP!    I am NOT a crook!!!!!!!"     blah blah blah............

    right up to the moment he resigned because of his CRIMES.  

    I mean, it's not like anyone ***EVER*** says,   "Okay, ya caught me!  It's a fair cop!  go ahead......slap the cuffs on !" 

    of course they deny it to the moon and stars........right up to the moment someone closes the cell door on them.  So all this puffery by cons............

    it's what they have to do.........what else can they do?  They have to keep pretending they don't see a damn thing here. 

    But you know, and I  know, and they know.........that if this was Bill, Hillary, or Obama................they'd already be out of office by now. 

  • Chuck
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    11 months ago

    Yes, I was very disappointed that he tried to cover up the Watergate burglary.   Like Trump, he was also under attack from what is now the Left-wing media, before Watergate, only in those days, news organizations were not as completely left or right, as they are now.

    Nixon got us *out* of the Viet Nam war.   Kennedy & Johnson started our involvement in the Viet Nam war, and kept us in the war, which we really did not have to get into!   We were worried that all of Indo-China would go communist, according to the Domino Theory.  It was a war of choice, not necessity.  We lost that war.

    Nixon, along with Henry Kissinger, started our relationship with China in the early 1970's.   Today, we have all sorts of products made in China, at amazing low prices.   There have been problems, of course.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I was born in 1980.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Nixon wasn't impeach.  He admitted to his crimes.  Nixon resigned.  When someone admits their faults, or their wrong doing.  First and foremost, that is respect.  So NO betrayed isn't the same as what is going on now.

    You have people in office that is trying to impeach a president that did nothing wrong.  There is NO impeachable offence. 

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