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Which is better...Biomedical Science or Medical Laboratory Science?

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    Depends on the university.

    Biomedical is more flexible since you can switch to engineering, while medical labratory seems heavily reserached based. You'll likely become a researcher in the future instead of entering the public sector

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    Your question cannot really be given the straightforward answer that you require. The two terms are not precise definitions and can be used as synonyms. What you need to do is to look at the content of the courses you are interested in. Do they match your own interests? Would you be able to meet the entry requirements? You also need to have some idea of what career you would like to pursue and which of the courses you are considering off the best start on that career pathway.

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    Check with your intended university and make them give you specific employment figures for the recent grads in these two programs.  Be very careful because, for example, the number of BS degrees in Biomedical Engineering in the USA is around 7,000 per year, while the number of likely jobs available to new BS grads in that field is more like ONE thousand per year!  Meaning that most BME grads will NOT be employed in their field of study, at least not quickly.

    The biomed fields are growing fast, in a percentage sense, but the number of persons retiring is not yet large, and the number of students is way too many.  Perhaps it's different in "Medical Laboratory Science," but, as I said, make the university or college give you actual numbers of last year's grads and how many of them are known to be employed IN the field.

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    I studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate. In some universities it is called Healthcare Science. It was certainly a diverse course, though a bit poorly structured (but thats just my opinion). MLS i expect is fairly similar if not the same. Though i can’t say i’ve heard of that terminology for a bioscience course before. 

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