Lenovo s145?

I'm looking to purchase this for my wife. It's pretty cheap at $245 from Walmart.  She currently has a lenovo 110-15ibr that is very very slow. The only thing she uses it for is her Silhouette crafting program. And just general web browsing/image downloading. Is this Lenovo s145 a good upgrade for that? I know "good" is subjective,  but all I want is for this to be a at least a little faster than the current Lenovo s110. Trying to stay under the $300 mark if there are better suggestions.  

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    I worked 32 years in the industry and know my way around computer hardware. My niece looked at a few, and then asked for help. She wanted the $500 to $800 range and wanted quick, reliable, portable, and extended time use for work.

    I provided a list of 9 best, all 1920x1080, 256+GB SSD, strong CPU, 8+GB RAM.

    The sales ended and the cheapest $439 priced one went back up to $543 and does prove I can find a bargain. I can do a search and re-edit if you have patience for your best option. Anything you ever see at Walmart or Amazon that you ask about you should provide the link. They are AWFUL at search features for laptops.

    There are no Lenovo s145 at Walmart.com for $245 listed by my search.

    At $379 plus tax is Walmart's bargain

    The standard HD display is uninspiring, but the latest i5-1035G1 is 8836 cpu speed score and with 256GB SSD and 16GB accelerating Optane, it is priced very good



    $329 gets AMD CPU scoring at 7349, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD and basic display in a 15.6" size


    If you cheap out too far, you lose a decent speed CPU, sufficient ram, and enough fast storage in solid state.

    The s145 I saw was a Pentium based with only 4GB ram and 128G SSD.

    cpu speed 5512 and cut to 128GB SSD for $300


    Touch screen 15.6" with i3-8145U and 8GB / 128GB


    The minimum laptop that can run satisfactory in general purpose is

    5000 speed minimum cpu

    8GB RAM

    256GB SSD

    and anything less will disappoint and should be replaced within 2 years.

    It's too hard to find now below the $300 mark, even plus tax.

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  • 2 months ago

    Most computers you have had for a while will slow from too much crap loaded on hard drive and called up at power on to run in background.

    Clean up with Ccleaner, other programs or just go RUN and MSCONFIG to get to all the checkboxes on Startup.  Try getting one at a time unchecked and see if things are better.

    A lot of computers without anti-virus protection end up being a slave or remote "bot" from malware.  Scan with free programs from TotalAV or Malwarebytes or Avast! anti-virus.  The free versions are just fine.

    If the hard disk has at least 25% open space, it will run a lot better.  Offload to somewhere else to get that done.  To:

    USB drive or data sticks

    "The Cloud"

    Burned to DVDs.

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