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Which wrestlers should WWE push?

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    *Cesaro. Cesaro deserves to be a main eventer and WWE should have gave Cesaro a world title already. It's weird that they didn't do it.

    *EC3. Got himself some muscles, improved well in the ring, is a good talker, has a good look for a superstar and yet he is treated poorly. That is so wrong. EC3 should just go back to NXT because him coming to the main roster was a big mistake.

    *Apollo Crews. He is one of the better wrestlers and he's not bad. At least he should be involved in the tag team division.

    *Drew Gulak. Did great at 205 Live but now he is not used well and being a jobber or something like that which sucks.

    *Ember Moon. When it comes to in-ring skills, Ember Moon is in the leagues of Charlotte, Sasha and Becky. She deserves to be champion.

    *Cedric Alexander. Like Apollo Crews, Cedric isn't bad either. He did great at 205 Live. WWE should do more with him.

    *Ruby Riott. She's soooo underrated and should be a main eventer.

  • 8 months ago

    Cesaro and Dana Brooke she keep loosing thy should push her to win at least for a little while

  • 8 months ago

    Cesaro (I miss the Cesaro section), EC3, and Natalya Hart are way overdue for pushes.  When you are too good at what you do, it seems like all the WWE does with their best "talented" wrestlers is use them to get less talented wrestlers over.

    I'd like to see Cesaro or EC3 take out Brock Lesnar.  Obviously, that won't happen but it would be nice if it did.

  • 8 months ago

    Ember Moon and Ruby Riott.

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