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What diet is the best for growing, maintaining, and toning muscle?

Vegan,veganism,pastafarian,or omnivore? I’ve asked a similar question yesterday asking which diet is the best and the most common response is that it depends on my lifestyle and it depends on what I think. Well In terms of my lifestyle I don’t and don’t plan on smoking, I’ve never drank alcohol and I doubt I’ll drink much because Fizzy drinks hurt my tongue. So the end result of my body and the maintenance of it purely comes down to its diet at this point.

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    Protein plays an essential role in the growth and repair of everything from skin to hair to nails and also muscles.

    Along with a proper regular workout and an ideal carbohydrates intake, high protein diet is one of the prime requirements for muscle to be built and maintained.

    Protein foods are supposed to be consumed at certain perfect time in order to play an important role in the building or maintaining of muscle tissue as well as the entire workout recovery process.

    During any kind of weightlifting in gym or strength gaining workouts, our muscles gets broken down which is required to be built again, which is done only by proteins. Thus without a high protein diet, muscle growth, muscle maintenance, and its rejuvenation is not possible.

    Weight Loss

    People always dream to “lose weight,” but weight gain could be due to many factors. In true sense, we all want to lose fat, not our muscles. And a good study has been done on it which reveals that eating a high protein diet is the main dietary factor in preserving our lean muscle and side by side losing body fat also. As we know a sufficient protein intake is required for maintaining muscle and now responsible for losing weight also. The reason being high protein foods are the most filling foods and helps in keeping our hunger under control.

    Besides protein serving the most filling, it is also the nutrient that burns the most calories of our body, as we know for digestion calories are required to be burnt. Proteins burn significantly more than anything else.

    People always link proteins with building muscle, but as one can clearly see, it is equally important for weight loss also.

    High Protein Foods

    So, there is a list of some of the best sources of protein:

    Vegetarian foods






    Supplements (powders, shakes, bars, etc.)

    Non-vegetarian food







    Eggs & Egg Whites

    There are many other high protein foods also, but the above mentioned are the most common. One can choose their favorites.

    How much to take Per Day?

    The next question undoubtedly is how much protein one needs to eat per day, to be considered a high protein diet.


    All advice tend to vary, but in most cases, between 0.8-1.3 gm of protein per 400gms of body weight is the ideal range, with an even 1 gram per pound almost certainly being the most common recommendation of all for healthy adults looking to build muscle or lose fat.

    Well, the fact is that it is really not that hard at all. In fact, many people can reach their ideal intake just fine by only eating typical high protein foods like chicken, eggs, meat and the others listed above. However, there is a way to make it easier by using protein supplements…

    Protein Supplements

    The most popular supplements in the market are protein shakes, powder, and bars. These protein supplements are not doing anything magical to build muscle or cause weight loss or do anything else which high-quality food sources could not do. However, only there advantage is that they are quicker, easier and more convenient.

    Analyze it yourself. Drinking an average shake with 1 scoop of protein powder will give protein between 15-30 grams depending on the specific brand. There’s neither cooking nor any preparation. Just take a spoonful, add a liquid, and drink. This takes only a minute. Most bars also contain about 15-30g per serving and are similar to a candy bar in size (can be carried easily) and sometimes yummy to taste.

    So, if one is on a high protein diet and looking for high protein foods then can substitute fresh foods to supplements, which are perfect quick, easy, convenient and often an extremely tasty way to ensure one reaches the ideal intake on a daily basis.

    Knowing which supplements is the best, one can have a look into the description given below.

    Powder: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey

    It is of high quality as it mixes with just a spoon in seconds, and tastes awesome. Some of the flavors literally feel like you’re drinking chocolate. It’s easily available and almost always the best selling protein powder around.

    Bars: Quest Protein Bars

    Imagine if a chocolate bar was high in protein, and one has an idea of what this bar tastes like (awesome), then things become easier and one will consume it happily. It’s also low in calories and carbs in contrast to other bars.

    Best Times of the Day to Consume

    Ideally, if one is serious and looking for the proper workouts then daily intake is essential to work properly on your body. The most important reason for a high protein diet is also that at some times of the day when it would be extra beneficial to eat high protein foods.

    Proper timings for the protein diet

    Should be the first meal of the day (since you haven’t eaten for hours).

    Consume at night before bed (so there’s protein in you overnight when your body is repairing/recovering).

    In the meal, one should eat before workout (ones “pre-workout meal”).

    In the meal, one should eat immediately after the workout (ones “post-workout meal”).

    Ones pre and post-workout meals are absolutely the most important.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Any as long as you get enough protein. Am omnivorous diet is going to be easiest since there are easy ways to get plenty of protein. You can be vegan or vegetarian but vegans often rely on protein powder to meet their needs. 

    I'm not sure about pastafarian though lol.  

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    As long as you don't have a schedule that requires a lot of energy I think veganism is the best. The food is made for your body (not the meat)

  • Kerri
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    8 months ago

    Any diet that’s relatively healthy and high in protein will be beneficial when combined with exercise that is targeted towards building muscle (weight lifting). High protein content can be consumed with even a vegan diet. Protein content of any food can easily be found on internet.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It's very plain by looking at the teeth that are in your mouth that you're not made to be vegan nor are you made to be totally carnivore. The teeth that are in our mouths plainly show that we are omnivore. It will take a million years of evolution to cause the human teeth to become suited to just eat vegetable material the same thing holds true for the rest of our digestive system yes we could force it on our bodies. But we are going against what a million years of evolution have suited our bodies for.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Getting the right nutrition will help with leanness,  but will not in it self increase muscularity.  A balanced  meal plan will provide adequate nutrition.  Include a cruciferous vegetable (brussels sprout, spinach, broccoli); a high protein source (meat, eggs, nuts); A high carb source (grains, corn, potato, fruit); and a fat source if the protein source doesn't include enough fat (butter, olives, avocado).

  • Andy C
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    8 months ago

    No diet will do that. Lift weights and eat what your brain craves.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    i would just try those diets and see and then you'll know

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