INFO: How many sugar free polos to cause laxative effects?

So I know the pack says that "excessive consumption may cause laxative effects" but as a dumb college student I'm here to find out how many is excessive. So I started at 10:30 this morning and as of 13:30 I'll have eaten 2 whole packs :') 

Anyone have experience with this?


Ive just finished my second pack. Definitely got a rumbly tummy but nothing too bad yet. Will keep you updated :') 

Update 2:

Thinking myself super human after the first 2 packs didn't do much, I crunched down a third in the past half hour. I have vaguely painful gas but haven't felt any urge to "go" yet :')

Update 3:

Finished the 4 packs I had in just over 4 hours. Starting to kinda regret this and gas Hurts, having to massage to help. Nothing worse than (painful!!) gas yet though

Update 4:

I was in so much pain I literally made myself throw up 😭 Still got gas, I've locked myself in the bathroom to wait it out, although interestingly nothing I'd consider 'laxative effects' has happened, just gas 

Update 5:

My hubris. It has done me in. I've had two packs before and had nothing but a few more farts. How stupid I was. After vomiting up the amount still left in my stomach I am confined to the toilet to wait it out. It truly is just liquid being passed. Not painful any more thank God, but I shall certainly be on the throne for a while 😂 :o 

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Extreme farting comes with about half of what you had.

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