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glasswear are all cloudy after hand washing. What's the answer?


how do you get them clean?

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  • Dr W
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    11 months ago

    Without knowing what is making your glassware cloudy, all I can do is guess like the others are doing.

    But I'll tell you that when we need clean glassware in my labs, I have my lab techs rinse the glassware in analytical grade IPA, dry the glassware, then heat the glassware to 550°C in a muffle oven, then allow them to cool in a desiccator.  Makes our glassware pristine.  

    We don't use reagent grade IPA nor acetone to rinse because they often leave residual oils behind (which show up as a cloudy film and often times turn brown).  The heating to 550°C converts basically all organic residues to CO2 and H2O.  Careful not to burn yourself or melt your glassware

  • 11 months ago

    I remember seeing an article in Consumer Reports on dishwasher detergents. Some brands causes a cloudy film to form on glasses and would not easily come off. It took many washings with a different detergent to clean them. 

    I don't remember any details, sorry.

    Try soaking in vinegar... 

  • 11 months ago

    Hard water ---> use distilled or RO water.

  • 11 months ago

    Hard water.  Also try washing with cooler water

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