Where do American vendors purchase huge amounts of sweets and snacks?

Hey there American yahoo users,

I’m trying to find out, how Oreo cookies and other sweets (M&Ms, Pringles etc.) are sold in the US. Despite the fact that they are sold by the huge ones (e.g. Walmart and target), I was wondering, where you can buy these in huge amounts.


But let me get a little more precise. I already found some wholesales, which sell e.g. the basic Oreos like regulars, thins, doubles etc. But I was looking for the more special ones, for example red velvets, cinnamon bun, mega stuffed, lemon,… I know some of them where limited and no longer available. But that’s exactly the point, which I’m trying to find out. Is it possible to buy them only in the stores mentioned above (At some point of my research I was wondering if they are purchasable in these stores exclusive only)?


If this is not the case – Can you tell me, where I could potentially order them (Assuming I live in the US) as a vendor for business purposes? My first order would be around 1-2 pallets (just to make sure we are talking about the same dimensions). In Germany we have special wholesales for vendors only, where we can buy these amounts without sales taxes, quantity discount, etc. After hours of research, reddit is my last Idea, how to find out some information.


I would be very grateful, if you could post some wholesales or other distribution ways on the east coast for the sweets mentioned above.


Greetings from Germany




P.S. I apologize for language mistakes

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Some food products are distributed by grocery distribution companies.  These can be large national companies like Sysco or US Foods.   Or they can be regional like URM Stores in Spokane, WA.

    There are also companies that do their own distribution such as  Coca Cola & Pepsi products.

    And some are available both ways, like Goya Foods will distribute directly to Target, Walmart, etc but will go through distributors in smaller markets. 

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