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WS: Is less really more when it comes to a wrestling match and the psychology of it?

For example, I heard you can overwork in a match, do too many moves in a 10-20 minutes match. 

Agree or Disagree: There are different ways to tell a good story in the ring and sell? 

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    You can do too much and you can do too little.  It all depends on how you tell a story.  Psychology is all that matters.  Psychology is making all of the pieces fit cohesively into the story that you're telling.  I've seen plenty of idiots on an indie level go out and hit a thousand big moves and never get a reaction because nobody cared because all they were doing was moves.  With that being said, matches like Ospreay vs Ricochet can be defended based on what story they were trying to tell.  With that being said as well, Dusty Rhodes could put on a 4 star match with little more than a body slam and a bionic elbow.  How well it works is dependent on your audience and how well you do it.

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    The psychology of wrastling is that it's fake and the fans are too stupid to understand.

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