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What color shoes (comfortable for tanning/walking) should I wear with my brown and khaki pants while working as a cashier.?

I have black/gray/yellow shoes for my black jeans and gray corduroy, blue/gray/white shoes for my blue jeans and blue nylon pants. I have a pair of very light khakis that almost look white and a pair of casual pants that are a gold/brown mix--not sure what shoes look best with those last two either

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    Neutral colors match with any color. Any brown white black or gray will look just fine no matter what colors you wear.

    Are those two pairs of shoes or are those six?

    It also depends on your shirt as well. If your shirt is neutral, any shoe works

    if you wear a warm shirt, the yellow would match fine and if it is a cool shirt, the blue would go best :)

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  • 3 months ago

    Surely as a cashier you'll spend most of your time sitting down behind a till or counter. Nobody will see your shoes. Wear whatever looks good to you.

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  • 3 months ago

    White converses are always a win win 

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