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How many pounds will I lose in 2 weeks?

I weigh 139 pounds. I’m eating 1000 calories a day going on a 30 minute brisk walk five days a week and cutting alcohol to 4 units a week.

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    you need to eat healthy cut all carbs     {roughly 6 to 9 pounds}

    and cut out alcohol

    eat meals that are high in protein

    and drink lots of water

    here,s a few more tips for you

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    For losing weight in 2 weeks, adopt certain healthy habits like-

    • Drink honey added lemon water in the morning

    • Drink sufficient quantity of water

    • Brisk morning walk at least 30 minutes on a daily basis

    • Jogging, running and cycling

    • Drink green tea in the morning

    • Eat healthy, nutritive and protein containing breakfast

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    Stop drinking and increase your walk to an hour a day

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    There is no equation to know the answer accurately.

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    Depends on how many calories you burn I’ll say maybe 2 pounds and then it will stall 

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    I don't know. Everyone's body loses weight at a different pace, and if you do lose "weight" in a week, it won't be fat loss, it will be a loss of fluid weight/inflammation.

    If you're eating sugar and grains, forget losing fat. And alcohol isn't so great either

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    Depends on what your 1000 calories consists of.  If they are all starchy carbs, like pasta, rice, potatoes, refried beans, four products (like tortillas or bread or muffins or pancakes), you won't lose much of any weight.  That's because starchy carbs stimulate insulin production, and insulin's main job is to stuff those carbs into your cells where it can be stored as fat.  If you eat a near keto diet, you might lose a pound a day.  But don't forget to drink lots of water.

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    Hi there! Without considering your current weight, I would say 10lbs. Keep in mind You must eat healthy and well balanced.

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    10 lbs, no sweat

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