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If a guy who thinks he secretly loves a girl does this, is he taking advantage of her, can he be forgiven for what he did?

A guy who never had anything in his life. Alone, without family. A girl falls for him but he knows he has to stay away from her. He has many things going on his head. Memories of a dead parent, blood and no one coming to help, turning their back. No one saw anything. The child is helpless. Many years later he thinks he still cannot be loved because of what he went through. A girl is exactly like him. Almost same life and experiences. She loves him but he's always distant and cold. Protects her but never admits feelings. One day she forces him to open up why he is always so held back and he tells her everything. She touches his hand and cries he comforts her and kisses her but when his hand reaches and tries to undress her shirt but she starts crying and wants to go away. Id it really bad what he did? Is that forgivable?

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    Taking advantage of someone isn't love. 

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    2 days ago

    Seems like none of what you said matters he only wanted to hump.

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    1 month ago

    what lifetime movie plot did you steal this off of? lmao how pathetic. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Is this some kind of bad movie script you're writing? 

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