What is wrong with my 2002 honda civic?

I have a 2002 honda civic that is giving me some unknown issues at the moment. Let me start by saying, the fuel pump has alread been replaced. The car will be running fine and then out of no where it starts running hot and unable to go past 20mph. Once letting it sit it will go back to normal but it does this everyday. I noticed that it happens if i plug a charger in to thr cigarette lighter but it could just be in my mind on that. Does anyone know why? 

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    10 months ago
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    Your car is overheating.  Check the coolant level at the reservoir.  Service if required.  Open the hood, locate the radiator fan/s and start the car.  Let idle for 5 minutes.  Turn the AC on.  Get out and check if the fans are turning.  If they are not, you have found the problem. 

    If they are turning, drive around in your area and make sure you have a car jack.  When the car starts running hot and you cannot go past 20 mph, pull over to a side of the road where you can jack the front of the car.  Jack the front of the car and try to turn the wheel.  Do this if you only KNOW HOW.  If the wheel is hard to turn, the brakes are sticking likely due to a bad master cylinder.

    You can also check the codes with a scan tool first.  Good luck.

    Edit: Key ON, engine OFF, check if the Check Engine Light is ON. If it is not lit, take your car to mechanic with a dealer level scanner. This problem is hard to fix without the proper equipment.

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    When a motor over heats you immediately should be looking for coolant leaks.

    Then when the motor cools down you need to take the radiator cap off and check to make sure the radiator is full. Don't just look at the reservoir tank.

    Don't drive it again until it's fixed. You're going to ruin the motor!

    Tow it to a mechanic.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    i would have a mechanic check it out

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