Where to get a decent low priced left handed bass in Newfoundland?


I play guitar and would like to play bass too. I have a low price range for a bass though. The stores around price at $400 and I cant find people who are selling left handed basses in my low budget. 

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  • mars
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    8 months ago

    Try Long and McQuaid. A new Lefty Squire Jazz or P-Bass is about $350.

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  • 8 months ago

    Try Reverb.  Like ebay but for musicians.  Lots of used things - both owners and stores sell there.  I am a career musician since 1973 and have purchased a few good Instruments there within the last 2 months.  

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  • 8 months ago


    There are plenty of good ones on there at reasonable prices.

    A quick search shows around 150 left hand basses at less that 400.

    I'd advise you considering secondhand (so originally more expensive) instruments, rather than cheaper, lower grade, new ones.

    There are lots of Ibanez, Schecter plus some Hofners, even a Steinberger..


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