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Is it professional for a "psychic" to ask me what my mental disability is?

Can't recall how I got around to mentioning this to her, but I think she asked me if I was employed and I said I'm disabled.  She asked me how and I said depression and pstd.  She seemed a little disappointed that it was nothing more than that.  

She then asked me a bunch of other weird questions.  I guess I should have found this a little suspicious and inappropriate but she told me it was necessary for her to know these things in order for to provide me an "accurate" reading; after which she insinuated through the "reading" that I was crazy and imagining stuff I was going through and other stuff which was very contrary to what 10 other psychics before her told me, and I told her this is this very same words.  She then said, "Well, deep down, a part of you wanted to know the real truth, and that's why you turned to me."  I know for myself this wasn't true at all; her tone was hostile and hinted with malice.  I hung up immediately (this was on the phone) but came away from that even more devastated and confused.I know psychics are notorious for being fraudulent predators on vulnerable people but I just wanted an opinion about whether she was professional in asking such personal/irrelevant questions.  It wasn't until later that I wondered about the possibility that she was being manipulative and mean-spirited in an attempt to destroy me.  It's not that I'm not open to honest feedback even if it hurts, only that my own gut honestly tells me something about this wasn't right.

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    She is the psychic, so she is supposed to know these things and give you information, not ask you questions. Sorry but that one, like most of them, is a fake. Ignore whatever she said. 

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    Psychics aren't professionals.

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    The reason why I know this person is a fraud - ask any psychologist who has studied the question of psychic abilities and believes in them. This person will tell you that psychics are notoriously unreliable. Anyone who takes money promising a psychic service is a fraud because the person is presenting himself or herself as reliable.

    I've answered some questions about PTSD and if you're interested you can read them. One thing that's interesting is therapeutic breathing. An experiment at Stanford, and another one in Southeast Asia in the aftermath of the great 2004 tsunami convinced the Veterans Administration to recommend this for vets with PTSD. Good book - The PTSD Sourcebook b by Dr Glenn Schiraldi. 

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