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Can you help me with the epitaph for my grandpa? There's a lot of stuff in this but I don't know how to put it into words? Advice?

After 95 remarkably years my wonderful grandpa passed away yesterday at the hospital. He was preceed in death by grandma. Grandpa was so many things in his life. During WWII he was a pfc in the Marines.Once he came back he went to college,he became a gp. He was well known in our small town for his kind manners. He married his high school girl friend. Sometimes he would joke that it was harder getting grandma to marry him than surviving in the pacific lol. Grandma didn't want to marry him at first. Grandma died in 2000 of leukemia and afterwards grandpy was strong but you could feel he just missed her. I hope they're finally together. I hope to find in life a love like theirs. Anyway it's been really a sad day today.We're talking about funeral arrangments and stuff in my family non stop. I was wondering wat epitaph. I was thinking sometihng like " PFC US MARINE CORPS WWII Loving husband,father,grandfather and wonderful family doctor. SEMPER FIDELIS" so the idea is this but I think there is too much stuff there... I'd like to make it read friendlier..any advice? it's hard to cut parts in it because he was all of this. My dad and my aunt like the parts where I mentioned him being a family man and a family doctor but I think it would also be right to reckon him being a veteran of WWII... advice? it's pretty hard to choose the right words.

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    it sounds good to me

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  • Anonymous
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    The Bible teaches that we are all down here being tested by GOD. A after this life, all that go to Heaven will not remember who they had been here. 

    Ones that go to Hell end up alone with what is like fire burning around them and only remembering all of the Sins they did! 

    They maybe seeing each other in Heaven, yet they will not know it. 

    • Justin8 months agoReport

      let this man believe what he wants..  you DO NOT KNOW what comes after,those who wrote the bible don't... maybe they will see each other and recognize each other...

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  • 8 months ago

    sounds good........................

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