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Counselor sent me my LOR before I could waive my right to see it?? (applying for undergrad)?

I go to a small school so my college counselor actually wrote my recommendation letter before I even requested it. She sent it to me (without me asking) and asked if it looked alright. I figured that was normal but now I got to the part of the application where I actually have to request a letter of rec from her, and it asks if I waive my right to see the rec. I've been reading that it is very bad to not waive the right because it makes the letter less authentic in the eyes of admissions officers, and some will completely disregard the letter, BUT I'VE ALREADY SEEN THE LETTER. I did not ask to see it nor did I know I wasn't supposed to. Can I still waive my right to see it or can I not do that anymore? 


I've been seeing some conflicting information, some saying that if I waive my right that means I have not nor will not ever see the letter. Others are saying by waiving my right I am simply waiving my right to access the official application records, but if the teacher chooses to send it to me that is fine. Which is right?

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    You're overthinking this. Waiving the right to see it doesn't mean that it's illegal to see it. The point is to make the recommender feel more comfortable writing about you. Apparently, your counselor had no problem writing nice things about you and wanted you to see it. That's her choice. You waive your right to see it, but she has the right to show it to you. 

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