Left and Right audio channels are not working properly on Android?

I'm using Android 8.1

I tried testing my headphones' Left and Right audio channels using a video on YouTube but when the Left is indicated, the Right plays with it and vise versa. I tried watching different test videos, tried using my two other headphones and also tried using different internet browser but it's still the same. But on games, video and audio files Left and Right works properly. Why is that?

I can't find any solutions on Google.


My mono settings is turned off since the begining. I need the audio channels to be separated

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Probably impossible to cure, 

    since you can't swap channels in the phone. 


     UPDATE: A mono signal will be equal and in phase in both channels.


    If the right signal comes from the left and vice versa, the channels are reversed. 


    If you get both channels but they are out of phase, 

    the common (sleeve) on the plug isn't making proper contact with the jack. 


    Being handy with a soldering iron, if I had a reversed-channel problem, 

    I would make a switch box to remedy it. 


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