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If we ever made contacts with extraterrestrial life, would this finally create peace and prosperity?

I think religion would certainly be different.  In baba Vangas predictions about the future, she mentions a new religion will be formed.  Also, if you think about it, making contacts with aliens can also unite the world if those aliens became hostile, this would finally bring peace on earth.

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    A thought provoking question. Religion would certainly be questioned.

    I imagine that if there are aliens that are aware of us, they are avoiding us because of our savagery.

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    discovery of 2 leggers from far off would raise hell in a dozen geopolitical and religious institutions,,humanity over time would learn 

    (maybe not,,we are nothing if not unpredictable) to accept new possibilities in intelligent ( sic) life besides usuns,,

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    If malevolent ETs found Earth and had the technology to reach us then they would have the technology to destroy us very quickly so we would not have time to create peace in this world.

    Even if they were benevolent it is very doubtful that this would get the world to live in peace with each other.

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    Ronald Reagan once said a threat from aliens would unite earth. Maybe, but we would still find reasons to fight each other. Its human nature.

    People have strong religious beliefs. I don't think aliens would alter their faith. But some might start to believe the alien's religion, if they have one.

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    It may be worse and then what will do?

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    No, we would find a few weeks of media sensationalism followed by indifference.

    There would be no effect on religion. Religion has survived far greater threats in the past such as the Roman Emprire, the Holocaust and the Crusades. It would gobble up space boogiemen without even a burp.

    As for new religions, keep in mind that religions do not require evidence. There are already religions that are based on space boogers. Think of "heavens gate", "scientology", and all manner of other weird crap that there is. Even the very fact that people firmly believe in space boogers is a religion.Think of what you are saying: space boogers come to earth to "unite" us, or to become hostile. Isn't this what we find in traditional religions already? So space boogers is just another religion, although a rather tacky one, and it happens to be couched in technobabble instead of Latin, Greek or Hebrew.

    If by some extraordinarily improbable chance, evidence is ever found of life up in outer space, then perhaps belief in boogiemen up there can become a science. But it is appearing increasingly likely that they will for ever remain fiction, fantasy, and for some people a religion.

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    Religion would be relegated to the Past most likely

    It is a fact that more and more people are already turning away from it

    • Actually they are turning away from traditional religion and replacing it with "new age" religions. Same old beliefs but different lingo and updated for consumption in the techno age.

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    - I think religion would certainly be different. 

    How different? all religions are already different.

    - In Baba Vanga's predictions about the future, she mentions a new religion will be formed.

    New religions are steadily invented by new prophets.

    This is not a Vanga's prediction, just a constatation.

    (besides that most predictions are about the future!)

    - Also, if you think about it, making contacts with aliens can also unite the world if those aliens became hostile, this would finally bring peace on earth.

    Declaring war to another country is a well-known way to silence internal conflicts.

    IMHO, peace and prosperity are 2 huge challenges, and we should try to work on it instead of expecting some improbable extraterrestrial life

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    Extraterrestrial life depends on how you look at life outside of our solar system. Do you apply the laws of physics, chemistry and biology as they exist here to everywhere else in the universe? If so, the possibility of life on other Earth-like planets would not necessarily be that different. Maybe not identical to life on Earth, but how organisms function biologically and things like water being a must have would apply to that planet's life as well. The same naturally occurring elements we know will be present there too. 

    The lifeforms there might be different per species, but will still be very much like they are on Earth. 

    So to answer your question, no, it will not result in peace. 

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    I am pretty sure they would run away switfly, as soon as they learn that mankind kill each others mercilessly , trillins and trilloins in numbers and laying their corpes all around the surface of the earth, especilly during the first and the second world wars and the proxy wars that happen right now in all regions of the world. Good luck to you aliens.

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