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Best natural lights/candles/etc to save electricity? Have intolerance to certain lightbulbs. Neat natural lanterns or anything?

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  • Mr. P
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    9 months ago

    Just swap to LED lamps. Typically they only consume 3W. - compared to 60W of conventional bulb. Try the warm white options first. Use more blue light (daylight) in work areas like kitchens.

    Try not to use lanterns or candles instead as it is a serious fire risk. If you do then use an enclosed metal lantern with a locking door. Ikea sell a lot. Use with standard nightlight candles.

    Look at all your energy use - as lighting is probably low down on your total use.

    Use a kettle jug to boil only the quantity of water you need.

    Eat more cereal than toast.

    Watch TV and use internet on your phone or laptop - TV's take a lot more power.

    Look closely at your power use  -buy a plug in wattmeter to check.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Saving electricity may not necessarily save any money, but candle lanterns with multiple candles put out a decent amount of light:

    Or you might try a solar powered lantern:

  • Dze
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    9 months ago

    hmm .. LED's come in many color 'temperatures' .. i would experiment ..

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