Hi guys, my roommate(19F) started to have a fluctuating fever, vomiting and cold-like symptoms. Send her to doctor, he gave her anti-nausea pill and paracetamol, but none of them work and she started vomiting even more during the night. Send her to the hospital the following day and she got warded for a day while receiving just the drip. She was discharged the next day, she felt better but she still felt a slight nauseous every day ever since. The doctors were unsure of why she was sick.

After a month, her symptoms came back and I send her to the hospital the following day and she got warded as she was dehydrated due to the constant vomiting. After doing several tests, doctors say she has mononucleosis, tonsillitis and enlarge speel. After being warded for 8days, she got better and was discharged. After 3weeks of being discharged, she started to feel nauseous and begin to retch and vomit on random days. Visited the doctor again, but it was not as severe as the earlier cases. They did a blood test, the result came to show it was almost normal but they are unsure of why she still vomits and retches on some days. Every time she started to retch or vomit, there seems to be a lot of gas coming out. She started to take anti-nausea medication but it didn't work on her still. The doctor recommended her to visit the gastroenterology as it could be more than just mononucleosis. So my question, is mononucleosis linked with her nausea and vomiting? Should she find a specialist? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Vomiting is not part of mono

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