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Which WWE Hall of Famer is more racist? Jim "The Racist" Cornette or "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan?

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    Hogan.  I don't think Jim's a racist.  Neither did Lightning One's editors when they went through cobbling together eight hours of tape and audio apparently.  While Jim's joke was culturally insensitive regardless to context, I do believe the racially charged part of it was a gaffe.  The man had been sitting for seven hours at that point, was probably hungry, and probably had KFC on the brain because he eats like trash.  

    Hogan on the other hand, said he wouldn't want his daughter dating someone of another race in a recorded private conversation where he dropped the n-bomb a bit too naturally.  Kinda like he's said it before and has no issue with saying it.

    Should Jim have been fired by the NWA? Yeah.  He has a rap sheet longer than my arm on being fired over saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  He needs to learn how to regulate and think about what he has to say before letting that 100 mile a minute mouth of his talk him out of his next job, if there is one to be had that is.  This year alone he's burned bridges with: TNA over visa issues because, shocker of all shockers, Corny did something internationally that wont permit him to get into Canada, Major League Wrestling after they stood by him through a twitter firestorm of his biggest detractors tried to get him fired when once again his verbiage didn't age well in regards to Sunny Kiss.  Do I think he meant to be homophobic in that instance? Nope, I just think he's an old man that isn't familiar with the PC jargon of today.  He'd even spoken up for LGBTQ+ rights in a podcast released the day before the whole Sunny Kiss fiasco went down.  And, tell of all tells, Jim went out of his way to actually apologize, which is something Hogan's never done for his racist beliefs.  Members of LGBTQ+ that were fans before the event with Sunny have even came out of the wood work to stand by and support Jim.  Meanwhile, there are members of the WWE roster who wont even speak to Hogan.

    Jim isn't intolerant, just clearly thoughtless and dated with his vernacular.  Hogan though? There's been more than one instance of Hogan dropping the n-word.  If Corny ever spouts it off on his podcast, then we'll talk.

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      A story about heating a crowd back in the day by dropping the n-word? We better evacuate the Hall of Fame wing, because that happened a lot.  Was it right? no.  Was it cheap? yes, but Cornette was saying that crap in character, not unlike the Gangstas doing the inverse in Corny's SMW years later.

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    Neither are. Cornette's joke was about being in a starving country with food, not about race. Hogan says his prayers and eats his vitamins, so therefore, he is not racist.

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    Both. They’ve both been recorded going on racist rants. 

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  • I've spent time with both of them and have no personal evidence of racial bias by either one and it's pretty hard to mistake me for someone who doesn't have African-American Ancestry.

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    Bobby Heenan would never make it as an announcer in today's ultra-PC environment. I remember one exchange on TV during a match with Koko B. Ware with Gorilla Monsoon that went something like: 

    BH: "Hey Gorilla, why does Koko have white tape on his thumb?"

    GH: "Koko is recovering from an injury."

    BH: "Nope! It's so he can be seen at night when he hitch-hikes!!"

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    Cornette has said things like that before, and everyone thought he was tremendously funny.  My, how times change.

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